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"Julia is a natural, fun, gifted teacher. She met each of my two daughters where they were in terms of skill and learning style, and helped them develop a sense of discipline - always balanced by joy - that extends beyond playing piano. In addition, she's become a caring mentor who truly cares for each of them as individuals. We're so lucky to have found her studio!"


"Ms. Hilton is an outstanding and inspiring piano teacher. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication set high standards for her students. I really appreciate her hard work in teaching and correcting my son's techniques and hand position that has had huge progress. She also passed her music passion along to my daughter who enjoys every lesson with her. My two children are fortunate to have Ms Hilton as a wonderful piano teacher. I highly recommend her!!!"


"Julia Hilton is truly an awesome piano teacher! She is fun, patient, and loving. My daughter (12 yrs old) has been taking lessons with her for 4 years and has grown tremendously. My son (10 yrs old) has been taking lessons for about 2 years and also loves Ms. Julia. I am so thankful for her!"


"Both of my girls started learning piano with Julia when they were almost 5 years old until now; my older one is 11 and younger one is 8. She is always very patient and understanding with them. Thank you for being a very great piano teacher."


"Julia has been our girls' piano teacher for several years. She is such a wonderful teacher! Our girls love going to lessons and playing piano. She is very patient and does a great job motivating them. We are very pleased with their progress and hope to continue having lessons with Julia for years to come."


"My daughter has been taking lessons with our beloved Miss Julia for seven years, since she was just 4 years old. Julia is loving, patient, kind and FUN! My daughter looks forward to every lesson. Julia provides wonderful opportunities for her students to perform in recitals (on a real stage at a grand piano, no less!) and to participate in festivals to compete with other pianists. Due to her fabulous teaching she has many Top Performers from her studio every year, my daughter has been among them. Julia has become family. I'm so thankful to have found such a wonderful woman and teacher to mentor my daughter."


"I want you to know how much I respect your knowledge, teaching style, patience, and dedication to Austin. You have done so much to help her grow into an excellent young pianist. I am so proud of her and so grateful to you."


"It was another great year in piano for both Leah and Jack; I am so proud of how much they have accomplished! And I am very grateful to you... you are such a patient and knowledgeable teacher."


"I think the fact that ALL of the kids play so beautifully is truly a testament to your talent as a teacher. Kelsi loves working with you and we are truly grateful for your presence in her life!"


"Julia has been an very caring teacher who goes above and beyond for her students. My daughter loves proving herself and pushing herself for Julia. Thank you for all you do."


"I absolutely love taking Ms. Julia's class!!! She chooses appropriate songs, is very easy to get along with, and is helpful when I have trouble with a piece."


"My daughter leaves every lesson saying, 'That was so fun!' I love all the positive praise and how my daughter is learning all aspects of piano music, like forte and legato as well as the notes."


"Our kids love it! They practice their piano before breakfast all by themselves without being reminded! Thanks Julia!"


"My 5-year old looks forward to lessons and practices every day. A wonderful teacher makes all the difference."