All new students will be asked to sign and agree to the following policies. Thank you for your understanding!

LESSONS: Lessons will be given in the Fall and Spring, with optional Summer lessons offered as well. Group lessons are scheduled approximately every 6-8 weeks and they replace individual lessons for that week.

PRACTICE: Students should practice at least 5 days a week. Actual practice times vary by age and ability and will be determined by the teacher. Parents will be notified if the student is not meeting practice requirements.

PIANO TUNING: Practicing on a tuned piano is extremely important. Accoustic pianos should be tuned a minimum of once per year. Parents will be notified if a piano needs to be tuned urgently. Recommendations for piano tuners can be provided by the teacher.

PAYMENT: Lesson prices are posted on the Studio Rates page of the website. Payments can be made weekly (due at the time of the lesson), monthly (due at the first lesson of the month), or by session (due at the first lesson of the session). A recital fee will be due in April or May of each year to help cover the cost of the May recital venue. Cash, check and credit cards are accepted.

MISSED LESSONS: Lessons cancelled before the start of the lesson will either be credited or rescheduled according to my availability. Full payment is required for lessons that are missed and not cancelled in advance. No credit, refund, or make-up will be given for lessons that are not cancelled in advance.

TARDINESS: Please call if you expect to be late to your lesson. Lessons for students who are more than 10 minutes late (without providing any notice) will automatically be cancelled.

RECITALS: Students are expected to participate in two recitals each year, one in December and one in May. The December recital is an informal holiday/festive community service concert, and the May recital is a formal event meant to showcase the student's yearly progress. Other performance opportunities may be available throughout the year as well (and may require an additional fee).

MATERIALS: For your convenience, all music can be purchased, at cost, through me. There is a one time only materials fee (per student, per semester) for Group Lesson supplies and copies.

OBSERVATION: Parents/guardians are welcome to observe lessons at any time, though I do reserve the right to ask parents/guardians not to attend if I notice that their presence alters the quality of the lesson.

TERMINATION: Students may be asked to discontinue lessons if practice requirements are consistently unmet or if lessons are consistently missed/cancelled. Lessons may also be terminated for unpaid tuition or at any point during the year if the teacher feels it appropriate for any reason. Parent/guardian may also terminate at any time as long as all given lessons have been paid for.